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San Francisco 49ers Need Less Tell Me, More Show Me

Article By on 12th November, 2009

... one usually reserves for teams that are, uh, you know, good , probably watched, or at least heard about, 49ers coach Mike Singletary's lengthy exchange last Monday with a local reporter.

Was the scribe grandstanding and trying to make himself a part of the story?


Did Singletary take his monologue a bit too far, regardless?

There's no doubt.

It's ironic, for a man who's got posters and billboards of himself plastered all across town next to his trademark quote "Don't tell me, show me," that lately all Singletary and the rest of his under-performing team are doing is talking, not acting.

Not to say Singletary's tactical acumen has been questioned or anything, but in the media trailer th...

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