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Put Up Or Shut Up Time For The Mighty Miami Dolphins!!

Article By on 12th August, 2009

... 17th against the Jacksonville Jaguars, there is certainly a different feeling in the Miami air. One of hope, promise, and allure. One reminiscent of the great 70's and 80's teams poised to make another playoff run to be a threat to win the big enchilada, the whole chunk of stinky parmisean, the bigger than anything, fantastic, magnanimous super bowl.

We all know how unrelenting time is. How you will read this article today and the next thing you know you are on your way to Miami for your super bowl festivities. With this in mind, witha a league so ever changing and unrelenting. It's nice for the Dolphins to be a team who is way higher than their madden rating leads you to believe at 77 overall. This season with a coach of his word, and a...

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