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NFL Will Owe Michael Vick an Apology If It Re-Admits Donte Stallworth First

Article By on 22nd July, 2009

... who take part in such events are sick and need help. Anyone who trains a dog to fight other dogs and kills such a dog if it's not doing a good enough job of killing other jobs is truly a sick person.

But, so is anyone who would drink, drive, and kill someone.

I know that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (which I prefer to call People Eager for Tons of Attention) would love nothing more than to see disgraced NFL quarterback Michael Vick, drawn and quartered and banned from playing professional football ever again.

And while PETA's an attention hog that focuses on ambulance chasing (evidenced by their ads that eating meat causes impotence), their outrage against Vick is justified.

But I wonder if the NFL will in...

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