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Michael Vick’s Actions Were Cowardly, What About The Hunters In Alaska?

Article By on 16th August, 2009

... fighting ring and he has paid his debt to society by spending time in prison for his actions. Yet, there are still some animal rights supporters who do not believe that Vick deserved a second chance in the NFL.

Vick signed a contract with the Philadelphia Eagles in hopes to resurrect his NFL career. I'm hoping that Vick can learn from his mistake and grow as a human being and help people not make the same mistakes he did.

With that, there's still outrage going on with the signing. In fact Jen Utley the wife of Philadelphia Phillies star Chase Utley is a supporter of the Pennsylvania SPCA and wanted to open up a dialogue with Vick, but was not able to.

This came from an article on Yahoo titled "Jen Utley Isn't Afraid to Hound Eag...

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