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Madden 2010: What Should Be Fixed

Article By on 19th July, 2009

... scheduled to be released in late August. I'm a huge Madden addict, and I have some concerns for this year's game. This list will be my top 10 issues that EA has to tweak. I feel these changes will make Madden 2010 even more realistic than in the past.

1. Man Coverage Needs to Be More Effective

Think about this: teams that are known for man coverage can't even run it. I have tried to play man coverage with teams like Green Bay, Oakland, and Philadelphia, just to see if man was more affective when using them—it wasn't.

I don't know how many times I've done, and someone has done to me when playing man, a slant or a drag route out of the backfield that goes for a 20 yard gain or more.
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