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How Well Do Teams Perform Coming Out Of Their Bye Week?

Article By on 12th November, 2009

... That might be something you need to know if you are Tony Soprano and planning to wager five large on the Jets. At those stakes, you are looking for every edge you can find.

Of course, if he only knew that Mark Sanchez was getting ready to throw up five interceptions against the Buffalo Bills' defense, he could have stayed home and had a heart-to-heart discussion with his son. Or he could have done some paperwork at the club.... or not.

This article will take a closer look at how well NFL teams do coming out of their bye week in the schedule. So far in the 2009 season, 24 teams have played following their bye week.

Out of those 24 teams, the record stands at 14-10, which is a .580 winning percentage. Not terrible, but not ...

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