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How The Philadelphia Eagles Stole The Show By Signing Michael Vick.

Article By on 13th August, 2009

... about a player who came from nothing, achieved everything, then threw it all away.

Well there's a number actually (perhaps more than I care to admit) but I've got a particular one on my mind tonight.  One that keeps on irritating the spot right between the shoulders, the spot that can't be easily reconciled and causes me to squirm.

It's the Michael Vick spot, and as hard as I try to reach it, my lack of flexibility keeps me from finally succeeding. 

I guess it's time to limber up.

So I twist and I turn and I waffle back and forth like an epileptic hula dancer and the diatribe runs something like this:

The Eagles should absolutely not have signed Michael Vick.  The last thing you need to interje...

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