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Five Things That Michael Vick Will Contribute Better Than McNabb

Article By on 14th August, 2009

... who's better, McNabb or Vick. It is just MY point of view about Vick's contributions to the Eagles.

  1. Wildcat -  I'm not the first nor the last Eagles fan to think about it. Imagine a Wildcat formation where McNabb And Vick stand in the backfield, that can confuse some defensive players. Then add DeSean Jackson and  LeSean McCoy to the equation. Everything tutored by Andy Reid. That has to be a win-win situation.
  2. QB Depth - Let's face it, every time Donovan's gets hurt, we get the sensation the season it's over, and without some exceptions (Jeff Garcias's Marvelous season, the reason I love him) we are right. Michael's addition will bring stability to that kind of situations.
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