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Ego or Bad Coaching?: Snatching Defeat From the Jaws Of Denver Victory—Again

Article By on 21st December, 2009

... often does a first year Head Coach have an opportunity to show their knowledge, maturity and growth? Especially when you are 33 freaking years old?

On the other hand, how often does a 33 Year old Head Coach have the opportunity to let his ego write checks his team can't cash?

This was the case in the game between Denver and Oakland at Mile High Invesco or High Invesco Mile or whatever today.

Watching a young egotistical head coach call the same lame up-the-gut running plays with an undersized running back and a pass-oriented O-line over and over and over again and losing yardage or getting 1 or 2 Yards when 4-5 yards are needed to either score a TD or gain a 1st down is getting old.

In situation after situation and game...

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