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Do The Bears Have A John Elway? I THINK NOT!

Article By on 21st July, 2009

... Sampson, Mark Jackson, Steve Sewell, Rick Nattiel, and Mike Young.

Anyone recognize those names?

I knew one, Butch Johnson, because he had been a receiver who caught a touchdown in Super Bowl XII for the Dallas Cowboys.

The other guys were simply names to me. Just names.

Do you know who they are? If you do, pat yourself on the back because these men were the wide receivers that John Elway had throughout his career before 1994.

These were the guys that actually had close to 500 yards receiving or more in a season. None of them ever made it to the Pro Bowl with Elway (Watson made it once in 1981), none will ever be given a thought towards the Hall of Fame, and only two ever had a&...

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