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Did Wade Say Tougher or Easier?

Article By on 30th July, 2009

... but when I heard that the players were not allowed to hit one another, it was at that moment that I began to realize that Wade and Jerry were throwing the usual BS at us.

That is, they were trying to get the fans to calm down, stop listening to everyone else, and listen only to them. Believe that everything is A-OK down in Big D; Jerry Jones and his sock puppet have everything under control.

But it sounds to me like the zoo is still run by the same idiot who needs to be locked away in a cage, with his side show freak head coach, if that isn't worse. Then I can tell you that the loss of T.O. and other key players have already doomed this team in 09, but daddy Jerry says it's all right kids, the rides are safe and nothing is go...

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