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Deep Sixed? Pat White’s Future With The Dolphins In Serious Jeopardy

Article By on 31st July, 2010

... to why anyone ever thought Pat White could be a successful NFL quarterback.

He had an impressive college career, but so did Ryan Leaf. Year after year, we see players who were prolific in the NCAA, but who cannot seem to match the speed and skill level required for professional football.

The first time I saw Pat take a snap as a Dolphin, something about it simply did not look right. His body looked small, fragile, and ineffectual next to guys almost twice his size, and his play mirrored those qualities quite acutely.

Like many Dolphins fans, I just didn't see how this kid was going to be a difference-maker for this team, but I wanted to trust the often-wise judgment of the Trifecta. I recognize the fact that there are th...

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