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Cowboys-Buccaneers: Why Tampa Bay Can Beat Dallas

Article By on 8th September, 2009

... on Sunday.

Yes, you read that right—you're not hallucinating, no need to rub your eyes.

The Bucs can win.

You've gotta be kidding, you say?

Well, not really, but here are a few thoughts, if you will.

First and foremost, NFL teams totally depend on having video of the opposing team. Hours and hours of watching video is what makes guys like Peyton and Eli Manning pretty good quarterbacks and great defensive coordinators great.

It's all on video—it never lies.

Only one problem.

There IS NO video on the 2009 Buccaneers. None, zip, nada.

Oh, you say there's preseason film. What did that show?

There is not one minute with Byron Leftwich (QB), Antonio Bryant (WR), Michae...

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