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Colin Cowherd Accuses Mike Holmgren of “Mailing It In” in 2008

Article By on 24th July, 2009

... ESPN Radio, accused former Seattle Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren of "mailing it in" during the Seahawks abysmal 2008 campaign.

Here is what Cowherd had to say:

"A source told me late, like week thirteen or week fourteen in the NFL season...that Mike Holmgren had essentially mailed it in. [Holmgren had] Very little energy, looking forward to retirement, was putting in nine-to-five hours...

"[Holmgren] was on his way out before Jim Mora took the job over, and it was just sort of an unenergenized last year in Seattle. Not that he mailed it in by your standards or my standards, but by NFL standards, seventeen hours a day, Holmgren wasn't there emotionally."

Cowherd continued on his show to attribute part of the...

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