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Chad Ochocinco Forbidden to Send Gifts to Steelers Secondary.

Article By on 11th November, 2009

... Ochocinco absolutely hilarious! Known for his theatrics as much as for his play on the field any more, Ochocinco is at it again.

Last week, Ocho sent the Baltimore Ravens deodorant, because they "would work up a sweat trying to cover him". Turns out, he was right!  Ocho didn't exactly light up the Ravens, catching five passes for 66 yards.

This week, via his Twitter account, Ocho said he has something to send the Steelers secondary.

"I got a nice present for the Steelers---sending them some mustard since they'll never ketchup when we play Sunday,"

Most people would say this is bulletin board material. This would certainly fire the Steelers up, right?

"He'd better send us something," safety Bleacher Report - NFL

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