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Back Off Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan

Article By on 2nd November, 2009

... regarding the Jets, but today took the biscuit: people questioning Mark Sanchez and hypothesising that we would be just as good with Clemens and questioning whether Rex is the right guy to lead this team, a massive eight games into their tenures.

First, let's get the record out of the way, this year we are a .500 team. If we finish 8-8 this year, in my opinion that will be a success. The 3-0 start was a mirage, an illusion that Copperfield would be proud of. We have lost some bad games, but it happens, any team on any given Sunday can beat any other team.

Rex Ryan has made some mistakes, you won't find a Jets fan that argues with that; however, he is our fourth head coach since 2000, what we need now is a little stability.


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