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Ath-le-brities All Over

Article By on 14th November, 2009

... that plays collegiate or professional sports while capitalizing on the media’s coverage of the team and his/her performance for personal benefit (2) Chad Ochocinco (3) Terrell Owens

We might as well define the term that seems to pervade our sports world these days. From the Falcon’s tight end Tony Gonzalez posing nude with his wife in a PETA ad, to the Bengal’s Ochocinco promising a shipment of mustard to the rival Pittsburgh Steelers because they can’t "ketchup" to the Bengals in the standings, the gimmicks of professional athletes are officially a bit over the top.

It wasn’t that long ago when we thought a Terrell Owens touchdown celebration was a bit much. Now, it seems more and more athletes are using the medi...

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