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About This Whole Brett Favre Thing…

Article By on 21st July, 2009

... the question?  Who do we blame.

There is the narcissist from Mississippi.  There is the lazy media. 

And then there is us. 

What a twist, right? It got all Twilight Zone up in here. Didn't see it coming, did you? Yeah, you didn't see it coming.

But we are the ones to blame. I'm going to meander to that point in about 500 words or so, though. I tend to get "wordy." Feel free to go YouTube some Seinfeld clips. 

Back to the meandering. Let us first consider one Brett Favre.

Nay, let us first consider Steve Young.

Steve Young was forced out of football because of injuries, mainly concussions. If he took one more hit his cerebrum was going to decay into a jelly ...

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