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A Dark Knight: Brett Favre Lacks Class If He Returns Again

Article By on 23rd July, 2009

... are endowed with the ability to ask for forgiveness when they have wronged others, or grant forgiveness to others who have wronged them.

Nevertheless, we are a flawed species, not perfect. The reality is man possesses ugly, fatal flaws that lust for money, fame, power, and other passions which lead to his downfall time and again. History is witness, and Greek tragedy testimony to such harmartia. 

In 2009 A.D., sports fans have been spectators to such figures that qualify for tragic heroic treatment that even Sophocles could use.

Such a figure is Brett Favre. 

For the past 16 months, Favre once again has tormented himself with the question of his retirement from the gridiron.

Still fresh in collec...

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