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With Tubberville, Much Like All State, Texas Tech Is In Good Hands

Article By on 28th July, 2010

... this summer has been a wild one which many felt bitter about. Many felt that the athletic department was dishonest, that they didn't want to pay Mike Leach, and most of all just cheated in general.

Seven months later, as the storm has cooled I have re-evaluated what has gone on in the West Plains,and have a few reasons for why Tech will have a bright season this year, and for years to come.

Tubberville is the best coach to ever come into Texas Tech. He comes into a situation where he has a solid, talented team and just gets to add his touch on the defensive side of the ball.

While I do think Leach had the possibility to bring Texas Tech to the "promise land" I am starting to see that Tubberville has a better chance at getti...

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