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Why The Non-BCS Teams Don’t Deserve a Chance Under The Current BCS

Article By on 15th November, 2009

... non-BCS (or non-AQ) teams and their fans for consideration as title-contenders. Under the current BCS system, there are only two teams each year that gain the privilege of playing for a BCS national title. 

The most commonly cited argument in support of the inclusion of non-AQ teams is that they have shown they can beat the big boys. Boise State fans point to their opening win over Pac 10-title-contender Oregon. TCU fans will argue that they beat Virginia and Clemson on the road.

While these wins are commendable—and certainly show that BSU and TCU can compete with BCS conference teams once or twice per season—they do not equate to BSU and TCU being worthy national title contenders.

To see why BSU and TCU (and the like,...

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