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“Tressel-Ball” Under Fire: Ohio State’s Bad Coaching Equals Bad Offense

Article By on 16th November, 2009

... critic I believe it is my right and responsibility to call out what I see as "BAD" offensive football coaching without coming off as a spoiled fan with a bias towards exciting football.

And up front I want to say this isn't about Jim Tressel and whether or not he is the right guy for this football program. 

Jim Tressel is a hell of a football coach, end of story. And anybody calling for his head really needs to take a breath and gain some perspective.

However, I feel like I am 100% justified to say he has been a poor offensive coach this year.

"Tressel-ball" to many Ohio State fans means coaching in a conservative manner that relies on a stout defense and good special teams while minimizing offensive mistakes to win foot...

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