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This Year Alabama Needs Less Luck and More Focus

Article By on 15th August, 2009

... to your base that they may not want to hear.  The following paragraph is one of those things.

Last year Alabama was a good team, it had play makers, solid starters, and was fundamentally well coached.  But as good as it was, it was luck that made the 2008 Crimson Tide a Sugar Bowl team.

These are not just my thoughts, but also Nick Saban's. 

Everyone knew that Alabama was on track to building a great team.  Most thought next year would be the year, but Alabama got lucky last year.

Why do I keep saying that?  Because it's true.

Take off the Crimson colored glasses for a while and look at some facts.

Georgia was picked as the favorite to win the SEC last year by most.  What we...

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