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The Top 10 Penn State Games I’ve Attended

Article By on 7th November, 2009

... age 1. My dad started dragging me to Penn State games when I was six months old. I don't blame him, it was 1989 and Penn State was coming off perhaps their best 10 years of football. Since then, the Nittany Lions have had a few excellent years to be sure but they have not dominated eastern football like they had previously. I still love them unconditionally though, can't help it really. I became a true fan in the late 90's so some of my first years rooting for this team were rough to say the least. That's why it feels so good to win now. So on the eve of the biggest game of this season, I take a trip down memory lane, recounting the favorite games I've been too, hoping to add tomorrow's game to that list soon.

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