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Tennessee Vols: The Truth About Lane Kiffin and the Three Banditos

Article By on 16th November, 2009

... Lane Kiffin and the arrest of three freshmen for attempted armed robbery.

We've heard nonsense like, "'Lil Wayne made them do it," to, "Kiffin's an irresponsible jerk! How could he not be watching these kids every single minute of the day!?"

So I decided to set the record straight and give folks a glimpse into what is actually happening in Knoxville. I'm fairly sick of all the ridiculous comments being made by people who have absolutely no clue about what is going on.

Fact is, those folks have only one source: their undying hatred for a man that they have never met.

It's true that Lane Kiffin brought a lot of this on himself. But to unfairly characterize someone as being complicit in a crime of this magnitude is not only...

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