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Staying Big (10): Everything Is Bigger in Texas, Including the Mistakes

Article By on 14th June, 2010

... bound for the West coast.

Oklahoma, Texas A&M, and Oklahoma State are expected to stay with them.

The Big (10, 11, 12, or maybe they'll expand now) is going to stay together, as it were, minus Colorado and Nebraska.

I would first like to take a moment to thank the Big 12 and commissioner Dan Beebe (who looks like a crazy science teacher) for killing the entire country with anticipation and then chickening out at the last minute.

Apparently during this whole ordeal, Beebe had not considered the fact that his conference might actually have it's own market value until this morning, when he actually decided to crunch some numbers together.

Great stuff, Einstein. Stick with the chromium sulfate and the lab coat nex...

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