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SEC Fans: The Lynch Mob Of Football Opinion

Article By on 11th November, 2009

... back to my hotel room after watching Ohio State get blasted in the desert air back in 2007.  I don't need to remind anyone what happened on the fateful night, because it seems to be the precipice of all of the Big Ten bashing over the last few years.

In case you are new to the college football scene—or have been in a coma for three years—I will get it out there now: The No. 1-ranked Ohio State team got blasted by a hungrier Florida team 41-14. Yes, they were outplayed.

Despite not wanting to hear anymore about the game, I still naturally turned on the local sports radio station in Phoenix because I am, well, male. The topic du jour: You guessed it, a recap of the game that was just starting to go to a call-in segment.

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