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Pac-10 Merger: Bring Kansas Basketball, Colorado Football—Not Baylor…

Article By on 8th June, 2010

... Buddy Jones were obtained by the Dallas Morning News today (a great news source that has run with my articles before, so I'll give them a shameless plug) in which the Texas-based politician makes one of the most pathetic pleas I have ever seen.

He basically asks every Baylor graduate in the legislature to call every major Texas institution (that is going to receive a Pac-10 invite) and have the big players demand that Baylor comes along. This is a new low in the sports world.

Heck its a new low in the world in general, even for a Kenneth Starr headed team.

This isn't a political issue, its a business decision. Right now, Baylor is looking like the fat girl that no wing man wants to take down, no matter how hot the gir...

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