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Notre Dame To Continue Futility Excercises Indefinitely

Article By on 11th December, 2009

... with a call from coach Kelly.

Recruit: Coach who?

ND: Kelly.

Recruit: WHO?


Recruit: The dude from Cleveland?

ND: Cincinnati.

Recruit: Yea, Yea I got ya.

ND: I have Coach Kelly on the line and he would like to speak to you about...

Recruit: Can you hold on for a second I've got...Shhh. Be quiet man. It's coach Cooley from Cleveland...Be quiet while I talk...

ND: Are you there?

Recruit: Yea, I'm sorry bout that. I would be honored to talk with coach Cooley.

ND: Kelly!

Recruit: Yea, I'll talk to him too.

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