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Notre Dame Needs to Quit Deluding Itself: How the Irish Can Return to Prominence

Article By on 12th November, 2009

... Yes—but not for the reason that everyone thinks.

Instead, Weis needs to be fired because he should have never been hired to begin with. Weis was hired because of the delusion that as a big name coach he could quickly restore Notre Dame to prominence.

Now do not get me wrong; Weis is—or at least at the time of his initial hire WAS—a big name coach who COULD HAVE maintained a prominent program or restored a prominent program.

But he wasn't what they needed, which was someone to take a program that IS NOT PROMINENT and build it from the ground up.

The grand delusion is that Notre Dame is this dominant big-time program that has had a few bad years and only needs the right coach to get them back to the powerhouse that ...

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