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NCAA Football: Losers Usually Lose

Article By on 5th October, 2009

... for the past decade or so, you may be aware of some yearly trends.  You may even be able to flip on a game and predict the outcome from time to time. 

This past Saturday was a perfect example.  Teams who usually lose big games found ways to lose big games.  It seems as if these certain teams have perfected losing.

Let's take a look back at what happened:

1) LSU at Georgia.  The oddsmakers in Vegas actually touted the Bulldogs the favorite for some ridiculous reason.  I mean really, when has Georgia ever lived up to any sort of hype or ranking (at least since Herschel Walker finished his bruising career)?  When UGA found a way to answer LSU's 4th quarter touchdown with one of their own, taki...

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