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Keep College Football’s Excessive Gloating Penalty!

Article By on 23rd July, 2009

... one in which Tom Hanks informs his right fielder, “There’s no crying in baseball!”

Well, there’s no gloating in college football. At least there shouldn’t be.

Nowadays, we fans are guilty of glossing over the gloating. We’ve somehow perverted it into the more honored term “celebration.” But it’s still gloating.

It’s the same thing as taunting, or rubbing the other guy’s nose in it, or stepping on his back as you perform a choreographed clog in the end zone. Excessive, “celebration”...should and will get you penalized in the NCAA.

If you want to dance, get a tutu and join the Bolshoi. If you want to leap onto a scrum-like pile, buy ...

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