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I Should Love The BCS, But I Just Can’t

Article By on 9th August, 2009

... BCS more than my Alma mater, the Oklahoma Sooners.

As a sooner fan, I should love the BCS with all my heart. It has brought money, recognition and notoriety to my school and its conference to an even greater extent than ever before. The Sooners have benefited from the system like no other getting four chances to play for the National Championship in the last ten years.

Trust me, like any good Sooner, I have no love for the Longhorns nor am I a fan of Mack Brown and UT complaining about a system that they voted for repeatedly only after it reached up and bit them but they are right the system is broken.

I have heard the arguments against a playoff and they all have major flaws.

It is too hard on the student athlete. Wel...

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