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College Football Predictions by Conference: Big 12

Article By on 12th August, 2009

... in the country. True, they've got the defending national champs, a slew of Top 25 teams and countless rivalries. Oh, and that Tim Tebow fellow, too.

But if you want drama in 2009, there's only one place to look: the Big 12.

Fans in Austin are still seething after Texas lost out on a tie-breaker to rival Oklahoma in 2008, allowing the Sooners to march on to the Big 12 title game and, eventually, the BCS Championship game.

All of this despite the fact that Texas beat Oklahoma in the regular season.

And to make matters worse, OU QB Sam Bradford won the Heisman. Texas' Colt McCoy finished second.

Oh, and there was that whole incident with the Bleacher Report - College Football

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