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College Football 2010: Ranking The Top Ten Coaches Of The SEC and Big 10

Article By on 26th July, 2010

... that the SEC has the best players and the Big 10 has the best coaches. Could this be true? There are fine examples of superior ability in each conference, some who have yet to make their mark. The SEC prides itself on having overpowering talent and the Big 10 prides itself on overpowering skill. One may wonder, what is the difference? Perhaps it is best left to someone who had both to describe. A retired wrestler who played professional football briefly with the New York Jets, Blackjack Mulligan, once stated in public that "talent is what you are born with and skill is what you do with it." With that in mind, let's take a look at who does the best job of coaching when we combine the two conferences of champions.

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