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Brian Kelly Proves Chivalry Is Dead in College Football

Article By on 11th December, 2009

... a recurring theme with my sports preferences, from Tiger Woods, to Roger Clemens, to my beloved Chicago Cubs.

But faith has eluded me the most when it comes to college football; and it happens damn near every season.

No season more than this year.

In a year where Urban Meyer loses control (see: Spikes, Brandon and Dunlap, Carlos) and Lane Kiffin reportedly pushed the boundaries of recruiting; nothing has sickened me more than Brian Kelly.

The move, don't me wrong, is the best for Notre Dame and for Kelly. The move opens up a Big Six spot in Cincinnati for Butch Jones, who followed Kelly at Central Michigan.

Who doesn't win, however, is the Bearcats. No team was more deserving to play for the national title tha...

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