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Boycott Long-Overdue Buckeye Fans: Mitch at

Article By on 20th July, 2009

... Miami Mitch, self-proclaimed webmaster of several successful sports web sites, is at it again. (If you have 500,000 readers as you claim, how in the world is it that only a couple of your nearly 500 YouTube videos have more than 1000 views all-time? Oh because you're a lying piece of @#~? That makes sense then!)

I digress.

This time, on one of his latest worthless articles, he's been busy calling out other Buckeye fans, attacking them, and accusing them of actually being me under another user name.

Also, since he thought they were me, he resumed his childish name-calling, referring to those users that he thought was me as fatso, fatass, tub of lard, whale blubber, tons of fun, etc. and has even written an article solely about ...

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