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Blame It On The Reign

Article By on 22nd November, 2009

... imitation of Alex Kapranos. Alex Kapranos is the lead singer of the band Franz Ferdinand, whose big hit is "Take Me Out." Weis has been singing this song for the past two years, possibly since the very beginning of his tenure. Think about it.

Notre Dame fans are well known for many things, few of them positive. But ALL fans are known for one thing that they have in abundance: Impatience. College Football passes itself off as a democracy, where anyone can win. We know that CFB is actually an oligarchy: rule by a few. There are your superpowers: Michigan, USC, Oklahoma, Florida, Alabama, etc, etc, etc. There are your middle of the pack-ers: Oregon, Texas Tech, Georgia, Virginia Tech. And then, there's everybody else.

Notre Dam...

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