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Big East Football Will Be Next to Face Armageddon

Article By on 18th June, 2010

... Big 12 as a huge forewarning.  The conference known for basketball will be the next domino to fall if they don't take that warning for all it's worth.

Last week when expansion rumors swirled and finally came to fruition, the Big East had one thing that it needed most: Time.  The gift of time is a big one for football's current weakest BCS Conference, and they have one less luxury then the Big 12 did.

The Big East has only 8 members that compete in football, leaving them as the conference on the shakiest ground when the next round of realignment begins.  As if that wasn't enough, the Big East may not have their time extended past whenever the other conferences come knocking.  

The Big 12 had a negotiating...

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