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BCS Thoughts: What Does It Mean If Anything?

Article By on 18th September, 2009

... now into week three of “debacle” year 11, also known as the BCS era. While history claims otherwise, like it or not, earning a BCS bid is our primary measure of success. Sure there are the undefeated 2004s, some conference champs who are snubbed, Independents not named Notre Dame and those who play Big 12 teams in the first four weeks, but for the most part, are those who've failed to make it thus far considered lower on the football program totem pole? I dare to ask...


For the sake of brevity, I'll single out the big six conferences in D1 football, or, as some would say, the upper echelon of D1. In the 11 previous seasons there has been 37 out of 65 teams ...

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