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Al Davis Could Offer SEC Fans Advice

Article By on 13th November, 2009

... and his detractors, to be sure, but love him or hate him, his famous mantra of "Just win, baby!" certainly applies in this year's SEC football race.  Nearly every week, the latest loser in a key SEC matchup either blames the loss on the latest conspiracy theory, or comes up with elaborate lists of stats showing that while their team got whipped on the field, they really kinda sorta won.

But SEC fans ought to be accustomed to close, hard-fought games.  In fact, we ought to appreciate it as an SEC trademark, and one of the chief reasons our conference stands head and shoulders above the rest.  Nothing could be more pathetic than scraping around for excuses as to why your team lost, yet that's what many fans have been stooping to in...

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