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Urban Meyer Criticizes in Public, Apologizes in Private

Published on: 28th March, 2010

Do I live in the Bizarro world? What happened to “every moment is a teaching moment?” University of Florida coach Urban Meyer apologized Saturday after practice to the Orlando Sentinel's Jeremy Fowler in a private meeting on the practice field. Wednesday, Meyer verbally attacked the reporter in front of cameras for quoting receiver Deonte ...

Armed and Brainless: Three Tennessee Volunteer Players Fail Lane Kiffin and Fans

Published on: 12th November, 2009

Today the Vol-nation awaits word on the future of three true freshmen arrested for attempted armed robbery last night off “the Strip” in Knoxville, Tennessee.   Looking at the team message boards in the early hours following the report, there seems to be a unanimous sentiment shared by fans.   They want the players ...

Tennessee Titans Blur Chris Johnson Coming into Focus as NFL MVP

Published on: 10th November, 2009

Separation is the essence of greatness.   No one was ever touted in life for doing the same thing everyone else does. They needed to separate themselves somehow. They needed to do it better. They needed to do it more efficiently. They needed to do it more intelligently.   In some instances, for one ...

Always the Joker, Steve Spurrier Silenced by The Dark Night in Tennessee

Published on: 1st November, 2009

Steve Spurrier didn’t have much too say in the postgame press conference following Saturday night’s loss to the Tennessee Volunteers. And that’s saying something. The man who used to not be able to wait to play Tennessee and fire off jabs at the good 'ole boy running the show must have left ...

Why We Pour Our Hearts Out on Saturdays

Published on: 29th October, 2009

I haven’t written anything since Saturday.   I wanted to, I just couldn’t.   I have been a Tennessee Volunteer fan for as long as I can remember. Despite my partying days in college, I can remember a lot further back than most of my friends give me credit for. As a Tennessee fan, ...

Tennessee Volunteers Know You Cannot Spell SLIGHTED Without TIDE

Published on: 20th October, 2009

It’s rare for Tennessee Volunteer’s Head Coach Lane Kiffin to find his self in this position.   Heading into his team’s SEC matchup with the Alabama Crimson Tide Saturday, the young fiery head coach finds his national “title” a little more appealing than what he has been labeled up to this point.   To ...

Tennessee Volunteers: Jonathan Crompton Deserves “Humanitarian” Mail

Published on: 13th October, 2009

In its purest form, it’s just a game.   Try telling that to any of the players in the SEC. Try telling coaches paid millions of dollars a year, that it’s only a game. Try telling hundreds of thousands of fans that pack the biggest stadiums in the nation that it’s only ...

In December, Tennessee Will Look Back to Auburn Game as Turning Point

Published on: 2nd October, 2009

It’s never a good morning when your car doesn’t start.   It’s especially troubling when the problem isn’t as simple as replacing an alternator or a fuel pump. These things are easily fixable at your local garage.   No, my problem was the flux capacitor.   Without any plutonium, your average flux capacitor tends to be ...

Tennessee Volunteers’ Neyland Stadium Must Become Their “Alamo”

Published on: 29th September, 2009

Life in the SEC is hard enough.   You have some of the most talented players in the country who know they can’t rely on their talent alone. The best of the best get better by working harder and longer in the offseason.   They push themselves through two-a-days, wind sprints, suicides and more. ...

Is Mike Slive Winking When He Tells Kiffin and Myer To Cut It Out?

Published on: 25th September, 2009

I don’t know if SEC Commissioner Mike Slive ever harbored thoughts of being a principal at a high school.  I doubt it’s an easy job, but I’m sure it’s rather rewarding molding young boys and girls into men and women, respectively.   I have to believe he is paid considerably more to ...

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