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Did Scott Pioli Cripple the Kansas City Chiefs by Drafting Tyson Jackson?

Published on: 30th December, 2009

If you are a Kansas City Chiefs fans, go back in time with me for a moment to about eight months ago. Do you remember how you felt?  Well, I do...and it was very optimistic, almost giddy as we headed into the NFL draft.The Chiefs were coming off of their worst ...

Why Charlie Weis with the Kansas City Chiefs Makes Sense

Published on: 25th November, 2009

The writing is most certainly on the wall in South Bend. Charlie Weis' head coaching experiment is all but over at the University of Notre Dame. Weis has already acknowledged his inevitable departure by stating that his record isn't "good enough" at the moment to be the Notre Dame head football ...

The Chiefs Blueprint To Beat The Steelers

Published on: 20th November, 2009

I know what you're thinking, there's about as much chance for the Chiefs to beat the Steelers on Sunday as there is that Todd Haley and Mark Mangino were in the same Home-Ec class together.  It may not be a big chance or even a realistic chance, but ...

Todd Haley’s Choice: Kolby Smith?

Published on: 14th November, 2009

If you've listened to any of the Todd Haley press conferences in the past two weeks, you can sense the inner-struggle with the Chiefs head coach to remain positive regarding recent headlines.  You can also sense who he wants to be the Chiefs starting running back. More losses, turmoil ...

Chiefs Claim Chris Chambers From San Diego Chargers

Published on: 3rd November, 2009

About three hours after I wrote about how the Chiefs probably shouldn't sign Chambers, they do.Apparently, there were other teams interested in Chambers, but it was Scott Pioli who pulled the trigger and claimed him. The issue will be that if the Chiefs decide to sign him after "claiming" him ...

The Case for Kenny Smith(s)

Published on: 22nd October, 2009

Derrick Johnson, Larry Johnson, and I think even Magic Johnson were said to be on the Chiefs "chopping" block approaching the trade deadline.  As Oct. 20 came and went, the Chiefs were left with only one pre-deadline transaction.  The Chiefs ended up trading Nose Tackle Tank Tyler to the Carolina Panthers ...

This Is What Happens When You Lose To The Chiefs

Published on: 19th October, 2009

The question is, "What happens when you lose to the Chiefs?"  Well, in the case of the Washington Redskins, it turns your entire season upside down. Not that the Redskins weren't already aware of their internal issues before Sunday's 14-6 loss to the Chiefs, it's just that losing to an 0-5 ...

Kansas City-Washington Preview

Published on: 17th October, 2009

For the first time in the history of the NFL, one team will be playing against six straight winless teams. Basically, every team that Washington has faced so far has been pretty ugly, with the exception of the Giants, who they played in week one.  This week will ...

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