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Cincinnati Bengals Lose First Meaningless Game, Fall To Dallas Cowboys

Published on: 9th August, 2010

Remember back in kindergarten when you didn't receive an actual grade? "S" was the standard mark for a satisfactory performance, basically meaning you knew your name and didn't eat paste or pull little Sally's pigtails.  "U" was the scarlet letter of kindergarten, meaning an unsatisfactory performance.  It also meant your ...

Ocho Uno to The Cincinnati Bengals?

Published on: 9th March, 2010

  I have not been avoiding the topic of Terrell Owens possibly becoming a Cincinnati Bengal.  I simply have not had time to offer my thoughts on whether or not he could be a productive addition to the offense.  For or against the acquisition, media members and bloggers have formed very ...

New York Jets Destroy Cincinnati Bengals to Earn Playoff Spot

Published on: 4th January, 2010

What can I say?  The picture of Marvin Lewis just about says it all. The Cincinnati Bengals were screwed, booed, tattooed, and barbecued by the New York Jets last night in the regular season finale. It was a complete destruction as the Jets dominated in every facet of the game ...

Cincinnati Bengals are AFC North Champions!

Published on: 4th January, 2010

The Bengals finally made it official.  With a 17-10 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs, Marvin Lewis and his team are AFC North champions.  It wasn't pretty, as the Cincinnati offense was plagued by penalties once again.  The defense took a major hit today as well when Rey Maualuga left ...

Cincinnati Bengals Travel to San Diego with Heavy Hearts

Published on: 18th December, 2009

The only certainty in life is death.  Think about how powerful that statement is.  It does not matter what color skin your is or to whom you pray.  After God calls you home, your loved ones are faced with the unenviable task of moving on without you. The Cincinnati Bengals are coming ...

Bengals Receiver Chris Henry Suffers Life-Threatening Injuries in Accident

Published on: 16th December, 2009

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry has been involved in a serious accident. As to be expected, rumors are flying across the web with details and accounts of what has actually happened. According to WLWT in Cincinnati, Henry was arguing with his fiancee when she got into a pickup truck and started ...

The State of College Sports

Published on: 16th December, 2009

Taking a midweek break from the Bengals and Reds allows me to grace you with my thoughts on the big-business, money-making machine known as college sports.  The top football programs in the country more resemble a corporation than an extracurricular activity with the head coach serving as the CEO of the ...

Time Machine: Bengals Clinch AFC North on Dec. 18, 2005

Published on: 3rd December, 2009

With the Lions set to take on the Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium on Sunday, I can't help but think of Dec. 18, 2005. On a frigid day in Detroit, the Bengals throttled the Lions 41-17 and clinched the AFC North division title. After years of watching miserable football, Bengals fans ...

Ben Roethlisberger Blames Loss to Bengals on Weather, Fans

Published on: 20th November, 2009

I did not wake up this morning with the intention of writing another post about the Bengals' victory over the Steelers, but the events of the day have changed my agenda. Of course, I still hate the Steelers and would never balk at the opportunity to rip on them in some ...

Bengals Complete Sweep of Steelers

Published on: 15th November, 2009

There are not many things in the sports world sweeter than a win over your biggest rival. It is even better when the rival and their fan base are arrogant jerks who think they are in a class by themselves when they are clearly not. The Steelers are a good team, ...

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