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Arkansas Football: Brandon Wolford’s Tale of Grit and Determination

Published on: 2nd July, 2011

If you are looking for illumination into the life of a celebrated Razorback, your probably in the wrong place.But if an inspired story of a young, determined walk-on who is prepared to make the sacrifices necessary to ensure success for himself and make a difference for his football team captures ...

USC Football: 10 Players Who the Trojans Need to Step Up for 2011

Published on: 8th April, 2011

Now that spring ball has arrived and the happy sounds of football fill the air, the time is now for identifying holes in the Trojans and who they need to fill them.Some of the players featured in this slide show will surprise you with their inclusion, and some may not ...

USC Football: After Seeing Writing on the Wall, Blake Ayles Transfers To Miami

Published on: 13th January, 2011

Call it a case of unfulfilled promise. It was announced earlier today that senior tight end Blake Ayles will transfer to Miami.There he will be reunited with former Trojans coach Brennan Carroll, who coached him at USC before being let go by Lane Kiffin last year. After signing with USC ...

USC Football: How Important Are Campus Visits to This Year’s Recruiting Success?

Published on: 14th December, 2010

With the 2010 high school recruiting season entering the home stretch, fans hungry for information on which way prime prep players are leaning gobble up any news that might indicate what will happen on national letter of intent signing day. Of course, some of these kind and considerate youngsters take ...

USC Football Recruiting: Latest Offers and Lane Kiffin’s Commitment To Future

Published on: 6th December, 2010

Now that the 2010 USC football season, disappointing as it was for Trojan fans, has been completed, it is time to turn to the future. So says Trojan head coach Lane Kiffin, who has promised that there will be no repeat of this years five loss season. Of course, with the sanctions ...

USC Football: How One Innocuous Play Foreshadowed Doom for the Trojans

Published on: 22nd November, 2010

It seemed so innocent at the time.USC's first offensive series and they were driving.Confident and efficient, the Trojans marched down the field and within the Beavers 30 yard line, hurried up to the line of scrimmage and went for it on fourth and two, pitching the ball to Marc Tyler, ...

USC Football: Is Matt Barkley a First-Round Pick After 2011?

Published on: 18th November, 2010

As the Trojans muddle through the first of possibly two years of no bowl games (pending the NCAA appeal), quarterback Matt Barkley has quietly put together a very solid year for the men of Troy. After 10 games, Barkley has compiled a 146.7 quarterback rating while throwing 25 touchdowns against ...

USC Football Recruiting: Trojans Get Verbal From Big DE, but Are More To Follow?

Published on: 8th November, 2010

With the Trojan's beleaguered defense continually being challenged on a weekly basis, there appears to be help on the way. Steve Dillon, a 6'3", 260 lb. defensive end from Palmdale, CA., attended last night's USC game against ASU and was so moved by the experience that he gave Ed Orgeron ...

USC Football Recruiting: Trojans Offer 5-Star and Look For Hidden Gems

Published on: 3rd November, 2010

While the Trojans lick their wounds from the old fashioned shellacking the Oregon Ducks laid on them, recruiting continues to be a focus for remedies they hope to find for the future. As promised, head coach Lane Kiffin and the USC recruiting brain trust searched far and wide during the bye ...

Ducks Spank USC; Revenge Continues To Be an Elusive Ally For The Trojans

Published on: 31st October, 2010

When USC went 9-4 after the 2009 season, most Trojan fans glumly smiled and said "wait until next year." After all, those four losses were all Pac-10 conference foes and USC had just come off a remarkable seven year run where they had dominated all comers in that time period. ...

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