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Ohio State Football Gets Hit Where It Hurts Most vs. Wisconsin

Published on: 16th October, 2010

Mad town is angry no longer as Bret Bielema's boys took it to Ohio State from the onset. Though Ohio State tried to make a game of it in the second half, it was only cosmetic as Wisconsin rolled the No. 1 ranked team. Here are five things we learned:   5.  Special ...

Ohio State vs. Eastern Michigan Postgame Analysis—Five Things We Learned

Published on: 25th September, 2010

It wasn't exactly a close shave against Gillett and the not so mighty Eastern Michigan Broncos. Ohio State probably gave up more points than they wanted, but they also put up a video game score to show everyone they mean business this year. Here are five things we learned after the ...

Ohio State Football: Miami Week Thoughts and Reflections From Week 2

Published on: 13th September, 2010

The Hurricanes came, they saw, and got conquered.  All the talk leading up to the game was that Miami had regained its swagger and was ready to show the world that they were back. Instead, the boys from South Beach got caught in the eye of a scarlet and grey ...

Ohio State Vs Marshall: Instant Post Game Analysis, Five Things We Learned

Published on: 2nd September, 2010

5.  Ohio State May Just Be as Good as Advertised: Yes, Marshall doesn’t exactly qualify as a quality opponent, so the result on the field has to be looked at with slanted glasses.  Still, you can tell that this is a veteran team, with a lot of weapons, and a lot ...

Ohio State Football: Top Ten Things To Watch For: Part One

Published on: 30th August, 2010

The first game of a College Football Season is a lot like Christmas morning for the fans of good ole' State U.  It is a chance to unwrap the package that has been hidden under the cloak of two-a-days to see what's inside the huddle.   There are a lot of ...

College Football: Debunking The Soft Schedule Argument

Published on: 22nd August, 2010

It has become the most often-used reason as to why team's have inflated perceptions across this crazed college football nation: "But their schedule is soft..." I know this is probably just as futile of an attempt at limiting this argument, as it is for an SEC fan to believe that people ...

Keys to The Season: Scripting Ohio State’s Unanswered Questions

Published on: 7th August, 2010

There is less than one month to the opening of the College Football season and there are still some unanswered questions just as Summer Camp has begun.  So what areas of focus should the coaching staff look at during this period that begins a slow boil towards another run at a ...

2010 College Football Predictions: Navigating Ohio State’s Schedule

Published on: 4th August, 2010

In order to win a Championship, you have to first and foremost have a talented team. Aside from getting some breaks, the schedule must also be set up with a favorable slant. There have been many uber-talented teams falter because of the stacked land mines they must traverse in the football ...

Ohio State Buckeyes Offense in 2010: Tempered Aggression

Published on: 1st August, 2010

After last year’s aerial explosion in the Rose Bowl, many fans and writers alike seem to believe that Terrelle Pryor’s coming out party will result in a “shock and awe” campaign this year of five wide-outs and one-back sets. While Pryor certainly had arguably his best game as a Buckeye, there ...

Ohio State Vs Iowa Instant Post Game Analysis: Five Things We Learned

Published on: 14th November, 2009

It ended up being an epic game in the Horsehoe.  Not many people gave Iowa a chance, but someone forgot to inform the Hawkeyes.  Despite their valiant effort, the black and gold fell just a little short against Ohio State. For Ohio State, the result is a trip to the Rose Bowl ...

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