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Credit Where Credit Is Due

Published on: 27th July, 2010

Since arriving at LSU, the one thing heard early and often was that Les Miles won with Nick Saban's players.   Few realize that drumbeat began with the Alabama press and bloggers from the day Miles arrived on the LSU campus. These folks know that due to a solid home state ...

Is a Full Ride Scholarship Enough for College Football Players Today?

Published on: 23rd July, 2010

There seems to be a rising swell of support for paying scholarship college football players a cash stipend.  The argument most often offered favoring paying football players is that it isn't right for the university, coaches, and media to make millions off players who receive virtually nothing.  The idea does ...

Another Take on the Super Conferences

Published on: 20th May, 2010

Assuming the move is to super conferences, look for the Big XII and Big East to be the major losers.   The Big 10 would pick off MO and NE from the Big XII, along with Rutgers from the Big East.  There would be probably be political pressure to accept Pitt ...

And The $64.00 Question Is…………..

Published on: 28th October, 2009

Is it better to have an open date or a cream puff opponent prior to a BIG game?  With the upcoming Alabama vs LSU game looming in 10 days Alabama is going through an open date and LSU plays a team, Tulane, it should beat with minimal difficulty.  Yes, I ...

Mine Is Bigger Than Yours: Quantifying the NCAA Football Conferences Controversy

Published on: 24th October, 2009

It seems at least two or three times annually we get into contentious discussion about strength of conferences. Most conference supporters cite records of out-of-conference (OOC) games against BCS opponents to support their point.  Since most SEC teams' schedules are loaded with rent-a-wins sprinkled with an occasional BCS opponent or ...

Why Don’t Some College Football Teams Get More Respect Than They Recieve?

Published on: 29th August, 2009

We all have our favorite teams. We are most optimistic before the first kickoff. After all...our teams are undefeated. Many wonder why certain teams seem to always get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to media coverage and votes in the polls.  They have to lose their way out ...

Coronate The Gators National Champs and Everyone Play For Second Place

Published on: 23rd August, 2009

  Like most, going into the season it's hard for me to pick against Florida winning the crystal. Considering their schedule, they would almost have to beat themselves not to go into the SEC championship game undefeated. They play only two teams that come anywhere close to matching them ...

A Matter of Perception: Why Many See Nick Saban as a Better Coach Than Les Miles

Published on: 18th July, 2009

It is generally accepted that both Saban and Miles are among the best head coaches in the nation.  Each in his own way has proven he can recruit, motivate and develop quality young athletes as well as win football games.  The question arises why, despite Miles' success, Saban is ...

Can The NCAA Be Forced To Have a D-1 Playoff In Football?

Published on: 1st July, 2009

Several on Bleacher Report have written about how great it would be if there was some sort of playoff in D-1 (I refuse to use FBS or whatever the acronym is) football.  Recently the issue was raised in Congress.  Having nothing better to do, I thought what were the chances an external forces ...

What Led to SEC’s Rise In College Football?

Published on: 27th June, 2009

Before I begin, let me clarify that this article is not intended to be a my daddy can beat up your daddy rant.  While nothing is for certain in life or college football except for the kickoff and final whistle, for the past decade the SEC has been in ascendancy.  Anyone with an IQ ...

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