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Texas Should Join the Big Ten

Published on: 16th February, 2010

On February 11, Tom Keegan of the Lawrence Journal World wrote about Texas possibly bolting the Big 12 in order to join the Big 10. This would represent a monumental change in the economics of college athletics. Today's times have prioritized monetary gain over scholarly achievement. The Big 10 ...

The Giants Have a Decision to Make About Eli Manning’s New Contract

Published on: 24th July, 2009

I respect the opinion of those who think Eli Manning deserves every penny that he will be paid with his new contract. While he does have a title and a Super Bowl MVP, ultimately the Giants will be bidding against themselves. Around the NFL, he is viewed as a Quarterback ...

Brandon Jacobs: Get the Ball to Him Early and Often

Published on: 2nd July, 2009

With the Giants' 2008 season ending unceremoniously with a home playoff loss to the rival Philadelphia Eagles, the Giants will need to find new ways to move the football for 2009. After Plaxico Burress was suspended, the Giants' offense struggled. My solution to this? Give the football to Brandon Jacobs ...

New York Giants Quick Hits

Published on: 18th June, 2009

Sinorice Moss has been unable to stay on the field in his short career.  Moss who was drafted in the Second Round of the 2006 Draft, has shown glimpses that he can play in the NFL; specifically against Seattle this past season when he caught two touchdowns. Being able to look good ...

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