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Rookie Report: Jahvid Still the Best Rookie

Published on: 29th September, 2010

After three weeks, some rookies are starting to pull away from the rest. Plus, we might have the next crop of super star tight ends emerging as well in their rookie season. Last Week's Rookie Rankings: 1. Jahvid Best 2. Demaryius Thomas 3. Mike Williams 4. Ryan Matthews 5. Aaron ...

Daily Haze: Steven Jackson, Ray Rice, Jahvid Best Injury Updates

Published on: 28th September, 2010

Good turnout at the polls so far. As of last night, 77 people have voted in our best fantasy football team name contest for the summer of 2010. The poll will expire on Oct. 1 at midnight, so make sure to cast your vote before then. Yesterday I mentioned a few injuries to ...

Daily Haze: Best Fantasy Football Team Name, Summer 2010

Published on: 21st September, 2010

Editor's Note: Visit The Hazean to vote for the best fantasy football team name of the summer. For this, our annual best fantasy football team name contest, a free t-shirt is on the line. We only tallied two months' worth of nominees and subsequent voting processes as opposed to our usual three, ...

Daily Haze: Finding the Next Brandon Jackson

Published on: 16th September, 2010

Ryan Grant may have been the first running back casualty of the year, but he certainly will not be the last. So while Grant's backup Brandon Jackson enjoys the fantasy football spotlight this week, there are a number of other backup running backs around the league waiting for their chance at ...

Fantasy Football: Panic! Target These Six Players After a Bad Week 1

Published on: 14th September, 2010

There is at least one panicky fantasy football owner in every league. Find him this week. Many fantasy owners shy away from making trades during the beginning of the fantasy season. But now is a perfect time to pull the trigger on a deal that could have huge implications on the rest ...

Minnesota Vikings-New Orleans Saints: Daily Haze’s Start and Sit Advice

Published on: 9th September, 2010

Football fans, the wait is over: After a long, grueling offseason, real NFL football is back! The Vikings and Saints will renew pleasantries tonight in the annual Thursday night kickoff game to start the 2010 NFL regular season. As you all surely remember, these two teams played an epic game in ...

Fantasy Football: Five Bold Predictions for 2010

Published on: 7th September, 2010

Few things in the sports world are as unpredictable as a fantasy football season. Take last year for example: If I had told you before the season started that Aaron Rodgers would finish as the season's top quarterback and Andre Johnson as the top wide receiver ... well ... you probably ...

Monday Morning Rehab: Percy Harvin Looking Better

Published on: 30th August, 2010

The offseason is an interesting place when Brett Favre gets involved. So for the second summer in a row, Minnesota Vikings fans have been held hostage by Favre-mania. For the most part, I think Vikings fans are glad to have Favre on board considering the alternatives, Sage Rosenfels and Tarvaris Jackson. And ...

Daily Haze: The Detroit Lions Offense? Not So Bad Actually

Published on: 24th August, 2010

One thing I thought I would never say anytime soon—Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions' offense will be one of the league's most productive fantasy football units in the NFL this season. Yeah, I said it. If there were an NFL spread on the chances of the Lions having a successful ...

Ladies, Don’t Forget to Accessorize Your Fantasy Teams This Summer

Published on: 17th August, 2010

Editor's note: My wife Sarah has been dealing with fantasy football for a long, long time now. She is what you would call a fantasy football widow during the NFL season. But she has taken it like a champ and, in her own way, embraced fake football. And I love her ...

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