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College Football 2010: Doors Open as McCoy, Bradford, and Tebow Move On

Published on: 11th July, 2010

Let's face it, chicks dig the long ball, and they also dig quarterbacks. Just ask Brett Favre. This season, college football begins a new era, as superstar quarterbacks Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford, and poster child Tim Tebow all begin professional careers in the NFL. With those three big names out ...

USC-Ohio State: They Have The Swords, But We Have The Nuts

Published on: 11th September, 2009

It's the Eve of the Collision in Columbus, and by now hundreds, if not thousands of articles have been written concerning the match up between the USC Trojans and the Ohio State Buckeyes. Professionals have made their analysis and predictions and fans of both teams have made their claims as ...

USC-Ohio State: A Buckeye Interviews a Trojan

Published on: 9th September, 2009

Recently I had the privilege of interviewing a lifelong USC Trojan fan about the upcoming USC-Ohio State game to be played Saturday, in case you were unaware. I've personally never been to California and really haven't talked to many Californians so I was thrilled to get to talk to Joey. Joey is ...

Anchors Away: Ohio State Slips By Navy

Published on: 5th September, 2009

Stop the presses and pass the Tums. The Ohio State Buckeyes were 21-point favorites heading into Saturday's midday clash with the Navy Midshipmen, but the Navy wasn't about to surrender. Buckeye fans have grown fairly accustomed to close finishes and big losses, but to lose to a non-ranked opponent at home on ...

Ohio State Buckeyes: Refusing to Go Away

Published on: 8th August, 2009

With the release of the 2010 USA Today Preseason Poll, college football is finally putting the car in drive. In four weeks the stadiums will fill, the fans will cheer, and the players will begin to battle it out on the gridiron. Although I don't agree with the idea of having ...

Terrelle Pryor: Heart Of a Champion

Published on: 24th July, 2009

Champions are built differently than the rest of us.  Their drive, determination, and competitiveness are leaps and bounds above that of the average human being. So much so that at times we cannot relate to them, and neither they to us.  However, these qualities that the champions possess are what enthralls us, ...

Michael Jackson: The Super Bowl Legacy

Published on: 26th June, 2009

With the passing of Michael Jackson yesterday, people around the world have gathered to remember his life and his legacy, to try and share the shock, the feeling of loss with others who feel the same. And although I haven't attended a prayer vigil, or made a trip to The Apollo ...

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